Temporary Closure of Organic Music Lessons

It has been a great honour for us to be able to serve our customers and the community over the years.

Thank you to our staff, customers and community partners who have worked with us and we wish you the best of success.

At this time, we have temporarily closed our doors and shut down.

Should you need music lesson services, there are many great local musicians who you can learn from.

Here are some tips on where to find a good music teacher:
-ask friends for referrals
-ask family for referrals
-Google “music lessons Vancouver” or “piano lessons Vancouver” etc
-check Google Maps for “music lessons” and check the reviews of the teacher
-check out a local music show and ask the musicians if they can refer you a good music instructor

How to Screen the instructor to make sure they are a good fit:
-the best musician is not always the best teacher; when looking for the best teacher, you can want to make sure the candidate is an excellent teacher
-you want your teacher to help you grow your passion for music. Focusing on growing your love for music and secondarily growing your skill will bring you a lot further because you will practice more when you really love what you do.

How to choose the right instrument for you:
-usually it’s starts with a feeling. Maybe it’s the sound, look or feel of the instrument. The key is to choose your favourite instrument because you will play it more. You will learn it faster and enjoy it a lot more than choosing and instrument that you “should” play. Enjoyment will get you to practice more and play for a longer amount of time.
-where you live: if you really like a loud instrument but you live in a wood frame house or an apartment, consider getting an electric version of the instrument with headphones -> you will be able to play at all hours AND you will remain friends with you neighbours.

We hope to serve you in future.

Dan & the Organic Music Lessons Team wishes you the best!

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