About Us

Organic Music is built around innovation. We teach you what we've learned on tour, on stage and in studio. And what we find exciting is that no two artists are the same. We teach practical techniques, theory, and strategies to help students succeed in music. The Organic Music Lessons concept is to teach students the language of music through learning the songs they love.

We have studios in Vancouver on Commercial Drive and North Vancouver in Lynn Valley. As well, our instructors travel to students houses and teach through video conferencing.

Fun Facts

  • We have 15+ instructors who teach voice, piano, guitar, drums, bass, horns, strings and more.
  • Our instructors provide personalized lessons tailored to meet the classes needs.
  • Artists who've worked with us have gone on to play in the Junos, Kimmel Show, Today Show, and Much Music.
  • Artists we work with have performed with Selina Gomez, K'naan, Shawn Hook, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Vanessa Hudgens and more.