Recording & Mixing Services

>Song Composition & Writing
Send them to the composition class
-Instrumental Arranging - for the person who only has lyrics
-Lyric Writing - for person who wants to write lyrics
>Pre-Recording (Song is Written)
Names of Performers & their instrument
What instruments will be recorded on the song? Ex. Drums, Guitar, Voice, etc.
Will any of these instruments be overdubbed (recorded twice?)?
Do you have a written arrangement of your song? If so, please email it to
Do you have a "campfire" version that you have recorded with your smartphone and send to us? (if you have not recorded a "campfire" version, please book one initial session to record it & discuss your song arrangement)
What genre of music best describes your song?
Is your band live off the floor? or do you prefer us to overdub everything (record one at a time)?
Check out our equipment list - this is what is included - occasionally equipment needs to be repaired - is there anything from this list that is essential to your recording session?
is there anything you would like to rent from our additional equipment list?
-plan & song arrangement
-decided instrumentation
-organized the song length & arrangement
-demo - cut to the click track (possible 1 to 2 hour session)
recording is recording.
matching what the artist wants & tamber of the song and instrument, and making sure we get the right quality of the recording
record the artist playing
-book a session
-we check that we have all the equipment needed
-if requested, bring equipment
-make sure to know what the client wants with the end product
-generally our engineers mix while you record (so it's faster!)
-session musicians: find out if the client wants to be there when they are recording - then decide how many musicians are needed and create a budget.
--consider using Aybar's studio, renting a studio, or using North Van Studio
Like Baking the Cake
Make sure the song sounds full - production details & loudness - all ear candy is added in the mixing, tuning the melody, ironing out the wrinkles
-completed at home (without the client)
-client budget (which determines # of hours of mixing)
-on average it takes around 10 hours to mix a 2 to 4 minute
Like putting the Icing on top of the Cake
Sweetening - EQ. Making it louder - making it meet the professional loudness standards.
fixed price
-approx. 1 to 2 hours per song