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Interactive Team Building Experiences

Through our Music Team Building Activities, your team can count on a transformative shared experience through learning the language of music. Whether your team has never played an instrument before or already has an office music group, Organic Music Lessons works with your company's teambuilding goals to provide an effective & fun music team building experience.

What Your Team Can Do

From a One-Time "Battle of the Bands" Themed Event to Weekly Rock Band Class, Organic Music Lessons works with you to provide a memorable, fun, and effective teambuilding activitiy. 

No Music Experience Required.

**Our most popular one-time event is the "Battle Of The Bands" where each group works with our instructors to learn a song in around 20 minutes; Then they enjoy some friendly competition by performing in front of their colleagues.**

One Time Team Building Activities

Enjoy your team coming together at your next Corporate Event with the Interactive Live Band Experience.

**Great Value**

On-Going Team Building

From Rock Band Classes to Choir Programs, our on-going music team buidling activities are perfect for keeping teams together and benefiting workplace productivity.

Personal Development

We know Music Benefits the Brain, but how does that impact workplace productivity? Let's chat about music in your workplace and see if Music is a good fit for your organization's Wellness Benefits Program.

Now that we've outlined a few music team building benefits in the video above, let's take a look at the results of this team building activity, below.


Why Music Team Building Is The Right Choice

When your team members are immersed in an interactive music team building experience, they feel transported away from their day to day stress, and are in a safe, collaborative environment. Music Team Building gives participants the opportunity to connect, grow relationships, and develop their communication. Whether your team is well integrated or fractured, music team building participants grow their work relationships, build trust, and gain confidence. AND this can be directly linked to increased workplace productivity!

Increase Productivity

Through Music Team Building, each individual does their part in supporting the band and participants discover their team's potential on collaborative music challenges. This shared experience builds trust and confidence and can be directly linked to increased group productivity.

Improve Communication

Coworkers in different departments see each other in passing, and sometimes don't know each other. When participants make music, they get to show their fun side and communicate in a safe, open environment. Back in the office, this shared experience opens communication barriers and brings departments closer together.

Inspire Your Team

Friendly competition energizes participants to express themselves through music. Whether that's showing off guitar skills, or playing the cowbell on the drums, all team members can participate regardless of their level. As participants create music, they learn how collaboration solves difficult music challenges which inspires them to take action in the best interests of their team.


Option #1

We Travel To You (Indoors)

We provide onsite teaching where we bring the instruments to you. We deliver, setup, and takedown. Insured, On-Time.

All Year

Option #2

We Travel To You (Outdoors)

We provide onsite teaching where we bring the instruments to you. We deliver, setup, and takedown. Insured, On-Time.

June To August Only

Option #3

Come To Our Studio

We have a music studio located on Commercial Drive that can have up to 50 attendees.

Availability Dependent



Organic Music Lessons has been in the community building business for many years and with that experience came the passion to help organizations grow their corporate communities from good to great. 

With that in mind, Organic Music Lessons came up with the interactive music team building experience. Team members who don't normally work together, get the opportunity to interact and build friendships. This builds trust and confidence and can be directly linked to increased group productivity.


Inspired Learnings.

“Inspired Learnings... Dan and his team at Organic Music have something for everyone... Yes, they have fun and creative music lessons for your kids... The magic extends to adult and corporate team events as well! Live Karaoke and the Team Building are two of our favourites!

Dan is amazing to work with; Innovative, super well organized - an designing an amazing experience for his own team and his clients as well...  

Highly Experiential... & Highly Recommend.”  

 Kalina Donald, Co-Founder of Living Brand Result & EX/CX Social


Great for the Whole Family.

“I think everybody had great fun. It was a family safety day so we wanted team building games. At first, I didn't pick your game. And then after second thought, I thought about how this would go and then it came to be the best game of the day We have different groups of adults working on job sites and offices and we never really see each other. I do believe [music team building] brings people closer together when they get to have some fun - it is a great way to bring people together. I also think it's great to have kids a part of it. [And good] to let the adults have some fun [especially] if they've never played music before. As you can see, my son went back [to play music] until you were packing up. Thank you very much”  

Dominique Jullienne, President of Menard Canada Inc.

Interactive Music Team Building Activities