Team Building Events

Are you looking for a fun team building activity for your organization?

Interactive Live Band Experience

Through Organic Music Lessons, we provide onsite teaching where we bring the instruments to you. This is a great team building event. Whether they are showing off guitar skills, or playing the cowbell on the drums, all team members can participate regardless of their level.  

Team members who don't normally work together, get the opportunity to interact and build friendships. This builds trust and confidence and can be directly linked to increased group productivity.

Our kiosk provides opportunities for teams to try out instruments - guitar, drums, bass, piano, percussion & more - have questions answered, and to play music.

Our instructors are professional touring musicians and are able to answer questions and give tips about what they do when they are on stage.

About Organic Music

At Organic Music, we help you maximize your talent and show music career path opportunities. Some students we've helped have gone on to become Singer Songwriters, Music Producers, Live Stage Performers and more.  

Organic Music comes in to supplement school & event music programs by bringing professional musicians to inspire and coach students on how to best perform their instrument.  

Organic Music is built around innovation. We teach you what we've learned on tour, on stage and in studio. And what we find exciting is that no two artists are the same. We teach practical techniques, theory, and strategies to help students succeed in the music entertainment industry.  

We have studios in Vancouver on Commercial Drive and North Vancouver in Lynn Valley. As well, our instructors travel to students houses in Vancouver and North Vancouver.

Fun Facts

  • We have 15+ instructors who teach voice, piano, guitar, drums, bass, horns, strings and more. 
  • Our instructors provide personalized lessons tailored to meet the classes needs. 
  • Artists who've worked with us have gone on to play in the Junos, Kimmel Show, Today Show, and Much Music.  
  • Artists we work with have performed with Selina Gomez, K'naan, Shawn Hook, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Vanessa Hudgens and more.